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Get Moving Kern
A community coalition that seeks to improve the health of children and adults in Kern County by promoting healthy eating and active living.  Get Moving Kern also has a speakers bureau and members are available to come to your meeting or event to speak about obesity, healthy lifestyles, nutrition and/or physical activity.  Call 661-868-0247 for more information.

Say “NO” to Soda  Tip Sheet
Do You Know Your ABCs (vitamins and minerals) - Tip Sheet (Spanish)
Nutrition (10 pages PDF)
Physical Activity (21 pages PDF)
General Kern County Resources (5 pages PDF)

Internet Resource Directory -- Network for a Healthy California
Local, State and national Health-Related Resources

Reaching for a Healthier Life
Societies are structured like ladders. The rungs of the ladder represent the resources that determine whether people can live a good life – prosperous, healthy, and secure – or a life plagued by difficulties – insufficient income, poor health, and vulnerability.

People standing on the top rungs are the best educated, have the most respected jobs, ample savings, and comfortable housing. On the bottom rungs are people who are poorly educated, experience long bouts of unemployment or low wage jobs, have nothing to fall back on in the way of savings, and live in substandard homes. The people in the middle have more resources to rely on than do people at the bottom, but far less than people on the top. In reaching for health, every step up makes a difference.

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