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Virtual Walk

Get Moving Kern's Virtual Walk Across America
from Bakersfield, California to Bangor, Maine
was Sponsored by Mercy Hospital's of Bakersfield

Why Walking?…What a better way to get moving!  Walking is good for your mind, body and spirit.  Get Moving Kern seeks to inspire residents of Kern County to Get Moving!

2006-2007 Virtual Walking Program at a Glance

Target Population:

  • Schools (Teachers and/or students)

  • Individuals

  • Groups

 Program Format:

  • Bakersfield, California to Bangor, Maine: (Route included 14 cities that started with the letter ‘B’ including Bakersfield and Bangor)

  • Individuals or groups tracked their progress on walking logs and reported it to the Virtual Walk Across America Coordinator

  • Two six month competition cycles were held

  1. April 2006 – September 2006

  2. October 2006 – April 2007

 What GMK Walking Program Participants Received:

  • Walking Kit: How to’s, Program Outline & Walking Routes

  • Walking Tools: Pedometers, T-Shirts & Water Bottles

  • Participation Incentives: Prizes for miles walked and miles averaged per team

Final Results of GMK’s Virtual Walk Across America:

  • A total of 22 teams participated
  • 211 individuals made up those teams
  • Four individuals walked on their own
  • A total of 68,356.84 miles were walked by all teams
  • On average, each participant walked 325 miles
  • Collectively, our teams crossed the United States of America 24 times!!

How to Get Started with Your Own Virtual Walk:

  • Organize a walk committee and choose a route (it can be across America, around California, around Kern County or where ever you choose in the world).
  • Recruit team captains and members for each team
  • Register the team and each individual member of the team with the event coordinator
  • Individual team members send the team captain all miles from their individual walking log for a week
  • Team captains used the team walking log to track total TEAM miles weekly
  • Captains sent in their team’s walking log by the following Tuesday of each week to the ‘event coordinator’
  • Keep your team motivated by having group activity events several times during the time frame and offer incentive awards to top teams and individuals

Here’s an Idea for Schools!

  • Organize teams according to classroom/grade level
  • Children can walk a designated area set up on the school grounds (Ľ or ˝ mile course on the playground)
  • Have each student write their name on a 4 x 6 inch card.  Laminate all the cards and punch a hole at the small end.  Use yarn to make a loop so the child can hang the card around their neck when walking.  A volunteer / parent can punch a hole in the card each time a students completes one lap….easiest way to keep track of total miles for the week/month, etc. (Calculations can be used as a supplement in MATH)
  • Teachers/students can choose a ‘virtual route’ that includes the GEOGRAPHIC area you are studying in the classroom
  • Classrooms can compete against others of similar age 
  • Schools can also compete against other schools in the district
  • The most important thing – students and teachers should HAVE FUN while WALKING
  • Walking can be a part of the required PE minutes
  • Health benefits of walking can be used as HEALTH EDUCATION lessons


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